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Pretty Pretty Princess

By: Susie Hill

Aaisha getting styled for the stage by her stylist Elizabeth.

What is it like to grow up competing in beauty pageants?  Can it be a beneficial experience for young girls? This week, I attended the Valentine Sweetheart Pageant in St. Catharine’s ON. The pageant was held by Miss All Canadian Pageants, the largest pageant company in the country. The pageant circuit has exploded in recent years and many small towns in Canada hold annual contests where young girls strut their stuff.

I followed Miss All Canadian’s ambassador, Aaisha Hijazi as she prepared for the pageant. Hijazi’s greatest ambition is to become “a vet doctor, but most importantly, a mommy.” I watched as Hijazi took the stage in full hair and makeup. She was very poised and grown-up on stage, but offstage she was a typical little girl who played with her ipad and applied Hello Kitty lipgloss.

I am currently transcribing the footage and will interview a former Miss Teen London this weekend.


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One thought on “Pretty Pretty Princess

  1. cant wait to read or hear the whole interview, at last someone showing the true meaning of pageants

    Posted by aaishahjiazi | March 6, 2012, 9:42 am

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