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Want To Help A London Cause?

Aggregator Ashley does! She is doing her radio doc on the closure of Bethesda and this Facebook page is to help save the centre. She’s interviewing the creators of this petition who were also were former girls at Bethesda.
Stay tuned for some pictures from the interviews and a closer look at the issue!

Feel free to ‘like’ the FB page too if you want to help save Bethesda.

Save Bethesda


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One thought on “Want To Help A London Cause?

  1. No doubt you will do a better job than Nick Paporella did the day the closure was announced. What a PR video that was! Perhaps it’s because Nick is on the Salvation Army’s community advisory board and helped them craft the PR spin. After the closure announcement, they sealed off employees and residents from the cameras, except two moms handpicked by the Sally Ann. Not only that, Paporella bullied the girls. “Just answer the question! Just answer the question!” Any comments, crying included, that didn’t match the PR message were edited out.

    In all, the PR spin is that the Sally Ann “turned over every stone” to keep the place open and all the girls will find appropriate placements. “The place just ran it’s course. But don’t worry, everyone will be just fine.” Both claims are boldfaced lies.

    Local provincial MPP & cabinet Minister Chris Bentley says nobody EVER approached him or his government for help. As for the “appropriate placement” claim, there is NO facility between Windsor and Waterloo that REMOTELY approaches what Bethesda offers. The truth is that most of these girls (and future girls in the same situation) will have their babies taken away and put in an already overstressed system. They young moms will likely find themselves wedged into the Centre of Hope with it’s older, harder, clientele. Instead of learning life skills and continuing their education in the safe confines of Bethesda, they’ll spend their days on the downtown streets and their nights bunking with junkies, criminals and the mentally ill.

    This doesn’t need to happen. The truth is the Salvation Army just WANTS to close Bethesda and is willing to lie to anyone to get it closed. It just isn’t a priority and it’s been neglected for years. On the day they announced the closure, the area director charged with overseeing Bethesda actually got lost during the 5 minute car ride from the London office to the facility. That’s how committed they are to the place.

    But the completely untold story is what they plan on doing with the building. Instead of helping young mothers lead independent lives, they will almost certainly turn the building located beside the Children’s Museum into an addiction facility or the Centre of Hope West.

    Posted by Sedate Me | February 26, 2012, 4:13 pm

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