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Aggregator Update

Hello WordPress, Aggregator Ashley is here to fill you in on some work happening on the radio side of things.

Now that the radio documentaries are done we’ve been working very hard on our current affair shows. But first, take a listen to Ashley’s completed radio doc on SoundCloud and spread the word to help Bethesda.

Save Bethesda Doc

As for the current affair shows, Dan is working on a segment for the first episode of four. Their angle is all about education. What does it take education wise to really get a job these days? He’s got two potential paths he’s following. 1 – Talk to the UWO comedy club about whether or not education is really necessary to have a job in the arts. 2 – Talk to farmers who are relying on their sons to take over the family business and what the education process is like between the two generations.

Ashley is working on a segment for the second episode of four. The theme for this episode is how to get a job/the application process. Ashley is going to be talking with a headhunter in London because in today’s job market youth need all the help they can get, especially since they have double the unemployment rate than the average person.

These two episodes are being taped on Tuesday and will eventually be aired on CHRW, time and date TBA. After Tuesday they’ll be gearing up for the final two episodes so get ready to hear what they’ll be working on for those next week!


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