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“i, Book” Presentations an iOpener!

On Thursday Apr.12th, all of the hard work that both the Tyee Tablet and Rabble Tablet groups put into creating Tablet series for the news organizations rabble.ca and thetyee.ca was unveiled to the public at the North Campus Building at Western University.

For the Master of Arts in Journalism class of 2011-2012 it was an incredible milestone, not only in term of being able to produce artful tablets using iBooks Author software (that added value to the publications)—-but also because it was the final project for us before graduation!

Karl New introduced both of the groups, and Gillian Wheatley and Matthew Dusenbury led the Tyee and Rabble presentations respectively. Let’s just say that more than a few mouths dropped in awe!

It’s been a wild digital ride, kiddos. But we made it!!!

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T’was the night before iBook presentations…

The rabble.ca iBook team leader, Matt Dusenbury, fields questions on how far the project has evolved and what he’s learned throughout the process. He also answered how this will help the class as we venture out into our careers and how it’ll set us apart in the new age of journalism, where technology plays such an important role.

Rabble.ca iBook Teaser

Matt Dusenbury gives a little demonstration of the Rabble.ca iBook he and his group members have been working on the past three months.

Presenting the iBook to the public

With their work now under two weeks from being finished, both the Tyee and Rabble tablet groups have been charged with yet another task: teach everyone else how to do it. Continue reading

Rabble Updates on the Timeline

Devon Murphy has been working long and hard on the timeline for the Rabble tablet. In this video, Devon walks us through what the timeline will look like.

Stay tuned for more updates. And visit us @https://westernjournalism.wordpress.com to know more about the project.

Video Produced by: Alaa Yassin

Rabble working for the weekend

The Rabble group was hard at work this past week with the April 12, 2012 deadline to present drawing closer. As per usual, they began their meeting making sure everyone knew their tasks and what they would be working on over the course of the next week. Matt Dusenbury led the way and crafted the game plan. Continue reading

Style Guide for Rabble and Tyee iBook Almost Complete

This week the Tyee and Rabble groups began putting the final touches on their style guides for the iBook. Continue reading

Hey! What’s new with Rabble?

The Rabble group met last Thursday to keep plugging away at their tablet for the best of Rabble.ca. After a few hectic weeks, the Rabble group has jumped leaps and bounds on their way to success. There’s been no slowing them down of late as the finish line is within their grasp. Continue reading

Breaking down the Rabble group

After stumbling over some hurdles the last couple of weeks, the group responsible for Rabble.ca‘s “Best Of” tablet content is ready to buckle down and pound out their masterpiece over the next couple of weeks. Here’s an overview of who they are and what they’re working on. Continue reading

Building the Timeline

The team runs into challenges as they work through the timeline. Devon Murphy, Matt Dusenbury and Wayne MacPhail discuss how to better structure the timeline. Finally, the team figures out what they need to work on next as Devon leads this part of the project. More updates to come.

Video Produced by: Alaa Yassin


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