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“i, Book” Presentations an iOpener!

On Thursday Apr.12th, all of the hard work that both the Tyee Tablet and Rabble Tablet groups put into creating Tablet series for the news organizations rabble.ca and thetyee.ca was unveiled to the public at the North Campus Building at Western University.

For the Master of Arts in Journalism class of 2011-2012 it was an incredible milestone, not only in term of being able to produce artful tablets using iBooks Author software (that added value to the publications)—-but also because it was the final project for us before graduation!

Karl New introduced both of the groups, and Gillian Wheatley and Matthew Dusenbury led the Tyee and Rabble presentations respectively. Let’s just say that more than a few mouths dropped in awe!

It’s been a wild digital ride, kiddos. But we made it!!!

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Presenting the iBook to the public

With their work now under two weeks from being finished, both the Tyee and Rabble tablet groups have been charged with yet another task: teach everyone else how to do it. Continue reading

A Queen Without A Crown: Tyee Tablet Update

Doris Wang has been dubbed by our class instructor Wayne McPhail as the “the Queen of Prezi” for her efforts on the Tyee Tablet timeline, which she’s constructed for a more interactive and visual feel.

A few weeks ago we featured Doris working on this timeline . At the time it was as bare as a bachelor’s closet, but what a difference two weeks make. Now the Tyee timeline feature is a visual and interactive affair— Its visuals will appear in the table of contents section of the Tyee Tablet, and readers will be able to click on the photos and be whisked away to whatever story grabs their eye!

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G’Bless the Queen, indeed!

Preparing iBook Trailer

This week Nida Siddiqui begins to put the trailer together for the Tyee iBook. Continue reading

Style Guide for Rabble and Tyee iBook Almost Complete

This week the Tyee and Rabble groups began putting the final touches on their style guides for the iBook. Continue reading

A Visual Profile: Doris Wang, Timeline Whiz Kid

To the average low-tech person (like myself) who stumbles upon Doris Wang at work for the Tyee Tablet group, she may look like she’s simply toying on-line with the bare branch of a tree. What she’s really doing is piecing together a visual Tyee tablet timeline so that you can click on different stories chronologically and get the full scoop. The timeline will also have pictures so that it will be visually enticing to its readers. Doris is so on her game that even the Rabble group was spotted getting tips from her Thursday morning. For more shots of the Tyee Tablet group in action, make sure to check out the latest Flickr photos.

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Tyee Impressed with iBook Progress

Tyee organizer Gillian Wheatley spoke to her group on Thursday (March 1st) about her recent communication with Tyee editor David Beers and reporter Colleen Kimmett, who wrote many of the articles for the Tyee iBook series on local farming and production. Wheatley told her group that both Beers and Kimmett are happy with the work the group has produced thus far and are excited to see the finished product. Continue reading

Building an iBooks Stylesheet for the Tyee

Kaleigh Rogers explains how she’s translating the graphic standards of thetyee.ca into the stylesheets that are a part of Apple’s iBooks Author software.

Tyee Tablet Member Q & A with Ariana Wardak, the Lone Wolf

In the upcoming weeks, the documentary folks would like to give you a little taste of what the individual members of the Tyee group are working on, in terms of their ambitious Tablet project. The first person we caught up with from the group was Ariana Wardak, who is mapping local farms and markets all to make the Tablet project that much more interactive for its readers.

Below is a brief video Q & A with her:

Preparation Begins for Tyee iBook Trailer

Tyee members Zara Mcalister, Nida Siddiqui and Doris Wang are responsible for preparing the trailer for the iBook their group is putting together. It is a one-minute preview about the series of articles in the iBook, which are about local farming and production. Continue reading


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